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  • LNI enjoys a high level of trust amongst its members which, in turn, allows clients to benefit from a one-stop international legal service, guaranteeing excellence wherever in the world the client, or their business, is based.
  • Quality, Priority and Personal Contacts
    LNI comprises in total over 5,000 legal professionals, represented in 135 cities in Europe, the US, Central and Southern America, Russia and the Far East.


Legal Network International™ comprises a global network of independent law firms who are not in an agency, joint venture, partnership or other relationship for the joint practice of law. Each firm is solely responsible for its own work product and general business activities to the exclusion of any other firm and Legal Network International™. Neither any firm nor Legal Network International™ is authorised to enter into any engagement or make any representation or warranty on behalf of another of them or otherwise bind, oblige or commit that other in any way whatsoever without in each case obtaining the other's prior written consent.

Legal Network International™ is not engaged itself in the practice of law. Permission is granted to the firms to use the Legal Network International™ name and ''globe'' device for recognition purposes.
Each firm is regulated by rules of professional conduct applicable in the jurisdiction(s) in which they practise such as e.g. the rules and regulations to be applicable fort he German members under Some require statements special statements according to their national profesional regulations in regards of advertisement and/or materials promoting legal services.
The contents of this Website are descriptive only. Legal Network International™ provides this web site for informational purposes only. It is not to be used as a substitute for legal advice, and the use of the information contained does not create an attorney-client relationship with any of the member firms. Legal Network International™ aims to maintain the information on this web site as accurately as possible, however it may contain errors or omissions for which we accept no liability whatsoever. You may download a workcopy of one or more pages for the purpose of viewing only unless otherwise specifically stated. Any other use, including reproduction, permanent storage, or retransmission, of the contents of this web site is prohibited without the prior written consent of Legal Network International™.
In case of questions or query, please contact the steering committee on steeringcommittee[at]lninternational[dot]com.
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