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  • LNI enjoys a high level of trust amongst its members which, in turn, allows clients to benefit from a one-stop international legal service, guaranteeing excellence wherever in the world the client, or their business, is based.
  • Quality, Priority and Personal Contacts
    LNI comprises in total over 5,000 legal professionals, represented in 135 cities in Europe, the US, Central and Southern America, Russia and the Far East.


19-May-2016 to 22-May-2016 Spring 2016 Conference / New York City, USA
20-Oct-2016 to 23-Oct-2016 Fall 2016 Conference / Brussels, Belgium
18-May-2017 to 21-May-2017 Spring 2017 Conference / Vienna Austria
19-Oct-2017 to 22-Oct-2017 Fall 2017 Conference / Chicago Illinois USA
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